New Single and New Show! (And new poetry booklet)

I’ve been busy! I was back in the recording studio a few weeks ago, putting the finishing touches to various new songs, including one track entitled “Please Hold” which is about phoning up BT or your internet service provider or someone like that and being put on hold for hours… and which is now available to pre-order on iTunes. The actual release date is the 12th of July: if 20 or 30 people pre-order it before then, all those orders will go through together on the release date and with a bit of luck I’ll get into the iTunes charts, simply because barely anyone downloads songs these days… and it’ll only cost you 79p, which is a much better return for a struggling artist than you listening to it on Spotify would be, unless you streamed it maybe 200 times. Look me up in iTunes or click on the link

With the help of the amazing Sandy Butler, I’ve also just recorded “Heroes”, my online show for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this summer: it includes various of my superhero songs, one environmental song and a song called “Real Heroes”, for all the NHS staff who’ve done so much to look after us all during the pandemic and all the essential workers who’ve kept the shops open and made sure that the country didn’t grind to a halt completely. The show will be available to download from the Fringeplayer website from the 6th of August, and all proceeds from ticket sales will go to charity.

… and my new poetry booklet, “Recycled”, has come back from the printers and will be available for sale very soon!

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