Rewild Things!

This June, Majk has released a new single on Bandcamp: it’s called “Rewild Things”, and it’s raising money to support the Langholm Initiative‘s community woodland buyout project to buy 10,500 acres of woodland in Dumfries and Galloway (South West Scotland) to turn into a nature reserve. So far 5,200 acres has been purchased, and we have until the end of July to raise the money to buy the rest. Bandcamp actually pays artists for their work, so if you download it from there, all the money raised will go to the community buyout project.

Majk also has a cunning plan to get people to sponsor him for every download/listen on Spotify or similar (up to a certain maximum amount of money per sponsor: we don’t want anyone to be bankrupted by this!) Watch this space for more information.

He plans to do another series of “micro-gigs” in and around Edinburgh (and anywhere else he gets the chance!) to raise awareness of the project.

Please listen and download the song, and support this amazing project!

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