The Edinburgh Fringe!

Yes, the Fringe is here again, and it’s celebrating its 75th birthday this year, so it’s likely to be massive… everywhere except for the Quaker Meeting House (Venue 40) where I work, which due to licensing problems and other complications could only accept companies this year that are registered charities. As I’m doing my gigs under the auspices of/to raise money for the Quakers, that includes me, so I’m doing a short run of 5 gigs, at 4.30pm (for one hour) on the 6th, 7th, 9th, 10th and 12th of August and my wife Beth is doing one gig in similar fashion on Thursday the 11th. Please do come along and support the good causes we’re raising money for (the Grassmarket Community Project in Edinburgh, and Quaker work in the UK and abroad).

I’m hoping that this year I’ll also have a bit more free time to do pop-up gigs with my little pet project, Venue Nine and Three Quarters: this is a portable micro-venue, visible only to witches, wizards and those who appreciate lovingly created homegrown music and know where to find it. Bring your own magic wand.

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