Strange times…

Well, the world has changed rather dramatically over the last few weeks, hasn’t it?

I’d just finished my new album, which I thought of as a bit of a mission statement to get our act together and deal with the environmental crisis, and suddenly we’re thrust into another crisis at the same time, on top of the existing one. And suddenly we find that the government can find the money and the motivation to change from “business as usual” and to re-think its m.o., if it has to. There’s only so much “hands-on” stuff that we can do from our self-isolation, but the environmental crisis is still there, and we still need to keep campaigning for change and writing to our MPs- hell, those of us who are on furlough might just find we suddenly have time to do just that.

And I’m hoping that when we come through this we’ll take it as the wake-up call we need, to change the way we operate, care more about the planet and our connection to it, and value the people who do the jobs that keep society functioning, and pay them better and respect them more- a few weeks ago they were “unskilled”, and now they’re key workers and they’re indispensible.

So that’s my new mission statement. The album will be online in the next week or so, and I’ll be holding an online launch concert on the 18th of April at 7.30. I hope you can make it!

One thought on “Strange times…

  1. Magic Majk ! Greetings . . . long overdue . . . from Gail & Matthew ex-Othona . . . We haven’t forgotten you – how could we, when we merely have to think of beetroot . . . Have just ‘waved’ your website address on the screen on the Virtual Stoep and shared a virtual invite to all our Othona contacts on FB about your album launch next weekend. Hope Zoom can cope with that event . . . Best wishes !

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