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Majk now has two of his albums available to download on itunes and similar: his new album, “Time to Save the World” and his last album “Too Much Caffeine”, both of which are listed under “Majk Stokes”… and no longer under “Majk”, so I shouldn’t get confused with the Kosovan performer named Majk any more! The zoom launch concert for “Time to Save the World” on Saturday the 18th of April went well and had more than 50 people tune in to listen, which isn’t bad for a first-ever online gig. A few technical teething problems, but we’ll iron them out and hopefully do another gig some time soon.

If you don’t like downloading songs from the interweb and you’d rather have a physical copy of the album to hold, and to look at all the wonderful artwork by Rachel McBride and have an extra poem to read as a bonus, you can order a CD for £10 + p&p.

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