So during lockdown this year I realised I was one of those irritating people who were doing loads of creative things with my free time- I finished a whole lot of old half-finished songs from way back when, and I wrote quite a few poems and songs- a lot of which centred around new beginnings, regeneration, rebuilding and recycling… partly as an expression of my hope that we might come out of the Covid crisis with a vision to bounce forward and find a new normal rather than just go back to “business as usual”, and partly just because for about three months we were all largely stuck inside and it was just very repetitive. But anyway, I’ve collected together enough new material together that this Autumn I’m planning to publish it in a little booklet entitled “Recycled”. It’ll be mostly poems, but with links to a couple of songs which I’ll put on YouTube.

Also going on to YouTube at some point in August/September will be some of the material I at my recent online gig, “Wanted: Superheroes”: so anyone who missed it or found they couldn’t log in will be able to hear some of the new songs I’ve been writing and performing.

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