“Because it’s on the way”

…because I’m going to Australia in a few weeks’ time, because I’m going to visit my sister in Melbourne,  and because if I’m going to the other side of the world I’m damn well going to make an adventure of it, I’m going to play some gigs at the Adelaide Fringe.

…because I don’t really like or approve of flying, but I don’t have the time or money to go by surface, and because I want to go some way to offsetting the carbon footprint from the flights, I’m looking to plant some trees this winter- ideally before I go, but failing that I’ll be planting some trees with the Borders Forest Trust in April after I get back. I was trying to work out how many trees that needs to be- estimates vary, depending on how carefully they’re planted and how long they’re expected to survive, but I’ve been featured in an interview with the strapline “around the world in 80 trees”, so I think that’s how many it needs to be. Now, if I can find a tree-planting project in Australia…

…and because I’m not convinced I’ll ever go to Australia again, I’m looking for interesting things to do and/or see on the way and when I get there. Not necessarily your Uluru/Ayer’s Rock and Great Barrier Reef, but more unusual things than that, for preference. If anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to send them in to me.

The Plan So Far…

A three-day stop-over in Singapore, taking in the botanic gardens and a night safari.

The Adelaide Fringe, in all its glory!

Hitch hiking along the Great Ocean Road between Adelaide and Melbourne…

A week’s trekking around Tasmania.

A visit to the Castlemaine Arts Festival.

A week or so in Melbourne, and a few days in Sydney.

… And a tree-planting weekend in Cumbria straight after I get back, in memory of the lovely Stephen Owen.

I will be keeping a blog going on my Facebook page, for anyone who wants to see what I get up to.