Upcoming Events/Projects

Tree-planting: As promised, this weekend Majk is off to Cumbria with some old friends to plant some trees in memory of the lovely Stephen Owen. He will be keeping track of how many trees he personally plants, and hoping to include them in the total of (at least) 80 trees that he has committed himself to planting this year, to go some small way towards countering the carbon emissions and general environmental damage caused by his flying to and from Australia… and by living in the Western world.

The Edinburgh Fringe! Majk is planning to build on the success of his recent tour of Australia by performing his show “One more cup of coffee, and then we’ll save the world” in the Edinburgh Fringe on Tuesday-Saturday 14th-18th August at the Quaker Meeting House (Venue 40.) After a pretty successful run at the Adelaide Fringe, a lovely gig in Canberra and a good reception on the open mic scene in Melbourne, and a hitch-hiking tour of South-Eastern Australia, he will be reprising his Adelaide show, taking in two of his greatest passions, the environment and coffee.

He also has songs online to download from itunes now!


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Past Events/Projects

The Adelaide Fringe! Because he went off to Australia to visit his sister in early 2018, Majk thought he’d make a go of it and put on a show in the Adelaide Fringe, which is like the Edinburgh Fringe only hot and sunny. His show, “One more cup of coffee, and then we’ll save the world” ran from 21st Feb-4th March at Basement Studios, Adelaide, and was well received, gradually building a bit of a following and decent audiences and getting a rather lovely review from Jude Hines of Stagewhispers:

Beetroot Cafe Raw Burns Night, Friday 26th January: an amazing meal and some rather good music

Majk’s new CD, Too Much Caffeine, is now available: he held a small launch gig on Friday the 13th of October at Daylight Robbery on Dublin Street and a small tour of Edinburgh over the Autumn.

Majk had three concerts in the Edinburgh Fringe last year, entitled “Make Tea, Not War”, 7-9pm on Saturday the 5th, Sunday the 27th and Monday the 28th of August, featuring special guests handpan drum player Milly Hoddo (5th and 27th) and storyteller Mark Borthwick (28th), at the Quaker Meeting House, 7 Victoria Terrace, EH1 2 JL. Between them they raised £373 (and 50 pence!) for the Meeting House’s designated charities in 2017.

Majk’s first CD, Scratch One, was a short-run fundraiser album for Akany Avoko, an orphanage in Madagascar, as part of a year-long national appeal that raised over £20,000.

Majk has written several songs for comedy cult project “The Enlightened Brethren of the Sacred Truth”