Time to Save the World

The New Album- coming soon!


Too Much Caffeine

The long-awaited second Album – now available in physical form or to download:

  • Morning Song
  • Nitrogen
  • Too Much Caffeine
  • Morning, Noon and Night
  • I Spied a Merry Maiden
  • We Need the Bees
  • One of Those Days
  • XXXWhy?
  • Black with Milk
  • Dig that Archaeology
  • Insomnia
  • Call Off Christmas (Alas Poor Alan Rickman)
  • Wake Up and Smell the Coffee
  • Instant Coffee

To order a CD, please fill in a contact form. Price £10 + p&p

To download, look under “Majk” on itunes. “Too Much Caffeine” is my album- the others are from a different Majk, who I believe is Kosovan and much more serious than I am. Do not get the two of us confused!