New Single! New Album! New Gigs!

Majk’s new single, “Aaargh! (Everything’s a bit sh*t)” is available on Bandcamp now. It’s an anthem for the 2020’s: I think it captures the zeitgeist quite succinctly. It’s not much of a spoiler alert to say that it’s one of the very few songs I’ve written that includes a naughty word… but I think it’s rather cathartic, and it’s got a nice easy chorus you can join in with. It’s also a taster for Majk’s new album, “Sweets From Strangers”, which is in production now, and details of a launch gig will emerge in due course.

On Friday the 3rd of March, Majk and his wife Beth will be performing a joint gig at a house concert in Craiglockhart, accompanying each other on some of their own songs and tunes, and premiering a couple of exciting (and comedic) pieces that they’ve been working on together. Trading under the name of “The Kale Thieves”, or “The New and Original F*ck-ups”, or any one of several dozen other silly band names that they came up with over lockdown, the gig will start at 7.30pm and run till about 9.30-10pm, followed by a folk session. Tickets £10 suggested donation: please contact Majk or Beth for more details/to be put on the list and we’ll send you the address.