“Heroes” – Online Edinburgh Fringe concert

With the help of the amazing Sandy Butler I’ve recorded my online show, “Heroes” for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this summer, and it’s looking bloody good.

The show is available to download on demand from the 6th to the 30th of August from the Fringeplayer website Tickets cost £6, and all net proceeds from ticket sales will go to charity, supporting the Grassmarket Community Project in Edinburgh and Quaker work in the UK and abroad.

It includes plenty of the trademark Majk Stokes humour plus a couple of rather more serious songs, including a new one entitled “Real Heroes”, dedicated to all the NHS staff who’ve done so much to look after us all during the pandemic, and to all the essential workers who’ve kept the shops open and made sure that the country didn’t grind to a halt completely. Also including insights into the secret life of trainspotters, the reality of relationships, and what it means to be a hero in the 2020s, and featuring Quakers, protestors, superheroes, merry maidens, leeches and IT support guys.

If you feel like tuning in to listen, I also regularly take part in the “Out of the Bedzoom” open mic night on Thursday evenings, hosted by the legendary Out of the Bedroom

Past gigs

Songs From Lockdown- Comic Relief Fundraising Gig

I did another of my zoom gigs online on Comic Relief day, Friday the 19th of March: as it marked basically a year since the UK went into its first Covid lockdown, I performed some of the new songs and poems I’ve written over that time; and tried to raise a wodge of money for charity. It was my most international gig yet, with people tuning in from as far away as San Francisco and New Zealand; and we reached £935, which Comic Relief told me puts me in their top 10% of fundraisers!

And on Saturday the 27th of March, between 7 and 10pm, I took part in the wonderful Ceilidh Collective‘s equally wonderful Equinox Ceilidh, fundraising for the perhaps even more wonderful COP26 Coalition’s World Climate Ceilidh in October: I sang one of my songs and helped to raise a brilliant £1155.13 for an incredible cause!

I also did a little slot at the Quaker Cabaret Ceilidh on Saturday the 30th of May 2020, organised by the Ceilidh Collective.


Online Album Launch Concert

7.30pm, Saturday 18th April 2020

*Zoom link below*

The title of Majk’s show in 2018/2019 was “One More Cup of Coffee, and then we’ll Save the World”, and broadly speaking it covered two subjects about which he feels passionate: coffee and the environment. Well, he’s had his cup of coffee, and now the world (still) needs saving, so this year he will be launching his new album “Time to Save the World”, with some more songs about the environment and other new material, plus one or two old favourites.

He was going to hold a live launch concert at the start of April, follow it up with a few gigs around the country and do a series of shows in the Edinburgh Fringe in August… and then Covid-19 happened.

In fact right now it feels like the world needs saving even more than before, so Majk has needed to take a bit of time to write a couple of new songs and subtly change the angle of the show to reflect the fact that we’re currently living through two crises. However he still believes the world can be saved, and so he invites you to join him on Zoom for an online launch gig on Saturday the 18th of April at 7.30pm.

Meeting ID: 768 6844 3641

I’ll send out the password individually- let me know if you’d like it.

Join the superheroes, coffee-drinking eco-warriors, bears and baboons, Martians and Venusians, Tasmanians and Yorkshiremen, ancient Romans, ageing rockers, IT workers and genetically-modified cats, and help to save the world.


Other Gigs to be announced

(when we can meet together in groups of two or more people again!)