Poems (and antipoems)

As well as songs, Majk writes poems. His first book of poetry, “Potatoes and Broken  Hearts”, is available from Typewronger Books  in Edinburgh, or you can order a copy  through this website. Here are a few to give you a taster:

Swearing at Computers, or,  Why My Music Career Hasn’t Really Taken Off Yet

In the digital revolution
That we call the modern age
It's all about information
You need to have your own web page
You've got to be up to the minute
And deal with social media
And so, I'm trying to find myself-
On Google and Wikipedia
I'd update my Facebook profile
And say something wise on WhatsApp
I'd pin a photo up on Instagram
And all that sort of crap
I'd tweet something witty on Twitter
But the distractions have been rife-
Because generally I'm too busy
Trying to deal
With real

Meditations on Riding a Merry-go-round in a Children’s Play Park

This is getting me nowhere!
I'm going round and round in circles
It's all torque and no action


You have the right
To let your light
Shine as brightly as you can:
Respect yourself
And everyone else
And help your fellow man (and woman)
Do what love would do
If it were you
To the best of your ability
Don't hesitate-
Let yourself be great!
And show your true nobility
The job that you
Are here to do
Is be the best that you can be
And that best is good!
If only you could
See the you that I can see
So let go of the worry
And stop saying sorry
And fulfil your true potential
There's no sense waiting
Being self-deprecating
And endlessly deferential
It's not too late-
Rise! Be great!
Let us see your inner beauty
So seize the day
Let it not slip away-
It's more than your right, it's your duty.
Your acting small
Serves no-one at all
Come on, embrace your power:
If you can't be great
For your own fine sake,
Then, dammit, be great for ours!
And an example of an antipoem:

Gravity is not a matter of opinion, or, What, you want me to apologise for being right?

You are entitled
To your views and opinions
On this matter;
They're just demonstrably wrong