Silent Superheroes!

To tie in with the launch of his new album, “Time to save the world” – and because the world kinda really needs saving right about now – Majk is starting up the Silent Superheroes- which he hopes can become in roughly equal parts an action group, a fan club and a support network for those of us who are trying to do something to save the world and may be feeling disheartened by the state of things at the moment.

Things we can do:

  • Reduce, re-use and recycle
  • Plant some trees
  • Shop locally and eat seasonally
  • Go vegetarian or vegan- cut down on (or cut out) your consumption of meat and animal products
  • Do a beach-clean, or a street-clean, or just take an old carrier bag and a sturdy pair of gloves with you next time you go for a walk in the woods- and instead of complaining about the litter, pick some of it up (this is also a very good use for the large collection of carrier bags you’ve got in that drawer in the kitchen!)
  • Don’t fly short-haul (or stop flying altogether)
  • Drive less- if you can: walk or cycle shorter distances, take public transport, and if you live in a city maybe even join a car share scheme and get rid of your car altogether!
  • Spread wildflower seeds for the bees
  • Change to a green energy supplier
  • Make sure your home is well-insulated
  • Write to your local councillor or your local MP, sign a petition, join a campaign… join Extinction Rebellion, Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, the Woodland Trust- there are plenty of groups doing positive things or campaigning for change…
  • Encourage other people to do these things too!

If you have suggestions of other things we can do, please tell me and I can add them to the list.