If you want to listen to some samples of my songs on the two albums “Too Much Caffeine” and “Time to Save the World”, you can find them on apple music:

And if you want to have a listen to some of Majk’s songs performed “live”, here are a couple to whet your appetite…

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The Quaker Meeting House where I work in my day job overlooks Victoria Street, now widely accepted as at least a decent chunk of the inspiration behind “Diagon Alley” in the Harry Potter books… and a while ago, street artist Kat Robertson came and drew some bees on our pillars- and made one of them a Dumbledore bee! (Dumbledore is an old word for bumblebee- but you already knew that…)

… and because Kat and I are both supporters of Extinction Rebellion, Dumbledore has an XR badge on his hat…

… and we did a little recording of my song, “We Need The Bees”:

And just for good measure, this one was recorded at the Forest Cafe

An ancient folk song, which I wrote a few years ago. Like all old folk songs, it’s about sex. It’s also about Beltane, a reinvented Celtic festival at the start of summer, which the lefty, arty, hippie types of Edinburgh celebrate by running around in the middle of the night at the top of Calton Hill, wearing lots of body paint… and not very much else.